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      I’m not sure where you all live, but I had 3 kids go through the school
      lunches. Our program must be alittle odd. The kids LOVED school lunches,
      when we had parents day, I never had a complaint.

      There were a few thing
      that they didn’t like and would take a lunch that day. But the days they
      served chili, my son would get 2 lunches in junior high and high school! It
      is that good.

      My sister’s girls won’t even try school lunches, so she put
      spagetti o’s heated in a little thermus, or soup. She does the mac & cheese
      too. Anything she can think of to get her girls to eat.

      If you fill your
      thermus with hot water while you are fixing the rest of the lunch, it seems
      to help hold the heat a little bit better.

      Julie S

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