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      My son is in the third grade and hates the school lunch. I do make him lunch
      and on a daily basis I get “the kids wanted my lunch again.” Sometimes it even
      gets to the point that the teachers get involved because the kids are taking
      each other’s lunches.

      I give my son a verity of foods but give him snacks that
      I buy in bulk at Costco or Sam’s. The teachers are telling parents to limit
      the snakes till the end of the year because some parents can’t afford snacks or
      send it with their kids and expect the school to feed there kids.

      I do qualify for the free lunches since we are also a one family income but
      my son will not touch the stuff. I see sometimes the lunches that the school
      prepares and believe me I would not eat it as well myself. I also see how much
      food they waste on a daily basis.

      He cannot bring home the milk if he does not
      drink it and if the kids don’t drink it they throw it out. I wish they would
      allow the parents of the kids even to bring the milk or even the fruit home.

      I look forward to speaking and hearing from you soon!
      Nora Fraser

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