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      Oft en there is something wrong with the school food that you should know
      about — it is amazing, but many also seem to take advantage of children’s
      food, acting as if nutrition and proper preparation is nothing important!
      Out here in California, school cafetaria’s were popped for buying cheap
      foreign strawberries, when you opened them up often they were moldy —
      awhile back some idiots tried to consider pickles and ketchup “vegetables”
      — trying to do away with more proper vegetables. And of course out here,
      many schools are putting in fast food outlets in schools for money
      at a
      time when we are told again and again that our kids are getting obese!

      I would have no problem with fast food on campuses IF they made most of it
      reasonably healthy (like maybe McDonald’s regular old cheeseburgers, which I
      still love) —- or limited it to once in a while.

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