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    Here’s a fun fall decoration that’s pretty easy to put together.

    You Need:
    A small piece of burlap
    straw or raffia (Unraveled)
    1 4″ pot for the head Terracotta Pot
    1 6″ pot for the body
    4 Tiny Terracotta Pots
    Acrylic Paint (to make the face)
    Hot Glue or Craft Glue
    Thick Jute Twine

    Wrap Burlap around one pot, gluing it into place. Cut a couple Burlap patches out of the second pot and apply them to the “body pot” with modge podge or glue. (there’s a recipe for modge podge here on the site).

    Let it dry then paint on the face. Use your imagination. Cut raffia or straw into pieces and apply them in the pot for the top.

    (You can glue them into place)

    Make the Arms by thread a piece of jute string through 2 of the smaller pots.

    Like this:


    So it’s one long string with a pot at each end. Set it over the Body Pot, once you can tell which length of string is right for the arm length, tie a knot in the string to hold the pot on. Repeat for the other side.

    Place the arm string across the pot for the body, apply a ring of hot glue and add a bunch of tiny 1″ pieces of raffia or straw to make the “neck” then add a big dab of hotglue to the middle to hold the head on and add the head.

    Create the feet the same way you made the arms, except glue the string inside the body pot.

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    Thank you for resharing this idea, I saw it a few years ago and wanted to make them then! I will definitely be making a couple this season.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Crafts & Homemade Items Scarecrow Pot Character