Scarecrow made out of a paperbag

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Scarecrow made out of a paperbag

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      Brown paper lunch bag
      White craft glue
      2 medium wiggle eyes
      2 feet of ribbon infall colors
      A stir stick
      2 sheets of newspaper
      Black marker – sharpie
      Orange foam flower
      Construction paper: white/tan, brown, yellow, pink, orange
      Create a pattern for the hat-the kids love to do this!
      Trace the pattern onto white or tan construction paper. Cut out. Draw some stitches onto the rim and hat top by making tic-tac-toe symbols.
      Lay the paper bag on a work surface with the flap side facing down.

      Glue the wiggle eyes in place roughly three inches from the top of the bag.
      Cut out a triangle from the orange construction paper for the nose. Glue in place slightly below the middle of the eyes.
      Cut out two circles from the pink construction paper. Glue on either side of the nose, and draw a smile from the bottom of one circle to the other (see photo).

      Draw a few stitches on the mouth. Use a marker to draw eyebrows above the eyes.Fold yellow construction paper in half, greeting card style. Cut along the fold so you have two pieces.

      Cut one piece into thin strips. Starting at the top of the bag, glue some strips on so they hang down like hair. Cut some strips shorter for bangs.Cut a strip of brown construction paper to glue onto the hat top as the band.

      Fringe- or scissor-cut the top of the hat brim piece. Glue the brim to the hat top so it partially covers the brown brim.Glue the yellow foam flower to the hat. Cut out a circle from brown construction paper and glue to the center of the flower.Glue the hat on top of the yellow hair.

      Carefully fill the bag with crumpled newspaper.
      Coat about the first three inches of the paint stir stick with glue and insert into the bottom of the bag. Crumple the bag around the stir stick, being careful not to let the end of the bag stick to the stirrer. Tie a ribbon around the end of the bag, about two inches above the bottom.

      Tie the ribbon in a tight knot and then tie into a bow to close the bag. Cut some of the leftover yellow strips in half or thirds and glue them to the stick under the bag. Carry your scarecrow by the stir stick.

      Easy and fun to make!!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Scarecrow made out of a paperbag