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      We are retired and decided we could cut expenses some. I also do
      some crocehet and making a baby blanket for new babies expected by
      friends or family is one way I save. I am currently making three.
      Two for family members who are expecting and one for a young couple
      from church who are adopting a baby.

      I figure I am spending around
      7 -10 dollars per blanket depending on how large I make it.

      We have cut the number of magazine we subscribe to. And, then I go
      the library and check out the ones I want. The ones I have checked
      out lately are: Southern Living, Midwest Living, People, Prevention,
      Woman’s Day, and some other I cannot remember right now.

      I do
      subscribe to Light & Tasty, and Reminensce as the library does not
      have them. I also get videos and read lots of books that I get from
      the library.

      We also have cut the nubmer of channels we get on our cable. Don’t
      take any of the premium channels. We do have the type that you can
      get pay per view on, and once in a while we order a movie.

      make some hot air popcorn to go along with that. I did go the a
      matinee recently with a friend and was shocked at the amount of money
      charged for popcorn. My friend got a box for $5.00.

      That would buy
      a lot of pop corn to pop yourself.

      We do out to lunch or dinner with friends once in a while. That
      might not be a choice for a person still in the workforce. But, many
      restaurants have smaller portions and smaller prices at lunch.

      love flavored coffee drinks, but very seldom do I buy any out. Make
      my own. I bought a jar of ovaltene and jar of coffee mate.

      them together and I mix a teaspoon or so in a cup of coffee and then
      add ice. Much cheaper and just as tasty. We also drink quite a bit
      of lemonade.

      Find it a Aldis for .49, and it makes 2 quarts. I
      tried some of dry mixes, but my family did not like them at all.

      We also were taking too many newspapers. We were taking three, and
      dropped one of them, and are talking about dropping one of the
      others. I watch sales and one of our stores recently had some great
      sales with some meats at great prices and other items at .25 plus I
      also had coupons for some of those items. Found very lean pork loin
      for .99 and some very lean ground beef for $2.39.

      I usually use the
      ground beef to make dishes such as tacos, chili or soup, and often
      add some exenderes such as TVP to those dishes. I also found chicken
      quarters for .39 per five pound package. I bought two and cooked and
      deboned them, froze the broth and meat and then have made chicken &
      nooodles and a casserole dish or two.

      The store also had one
      shopping trip for 10% off your total bill. I took coupons for
      diapers and bought a supply ahead for my son and dil, and to have
      there when I baby-sit.

      I also use Aldis quite a bit for some staples. Their canned goods are
      great. Love their oatmeal bread and usually buy my frozen fish

      Usually salmon, orange roughy and whiting. It does take some
      planning, but you can reduce expenses.


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