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      what area are you in and was any thing different in usage–first check the amount used compared to last month and see if they had a rate hike—if nothing is different have them come out and reread the meter–let them know that nothing changed but the amount and you know something is wrong on their end

      Katherine Lassiter wrote:

      Pj wrote: Frustrated here. I got my
      bill for last month electricity, it’s up to $319, $150 higherthan the previous month. ******************** I have a friend that had the same problem.

      She called the power company to come out and do an energy audit. It turned out to be that she had a special meter on her house that is mainly for families who work outside the home and are gone all day. She was charged very little per kilowatt after either 7 or 9 pm and before 7 am.

      All other times, she was charged 2½ times higher. She stays home and keeps her 2 grandchildren, so she is having the meter removed. Has no idea how long it has been there.


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