Saving money on electric

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      Probably they estimated your bill last month and did a real

      reading this month or vice versa.I have had that happen several

      times. Check your meter against what the bill says it should be

      and make sure that they didn’t do something wrong.

      Take care


      — Pj <> wrote:

      > Frustrated here. I got my bill for last month electricity,

      > it’s up to $319, $150 higher than the previous month. I can’t

      > figure it out. We heat with wood stove, so that isn’t it. I

      > have the same amount of kids, the same laundry usage, the same

      > dishwasher. I just can’t figure it out.

      > I know we’ve talked and talked about ideas for saving

      > electricity. It’s been something that I keep in mind. I also

      > heard on the news today that electricity is going up 6% –

      > that’s instead of the 10% previously projected. What a deal!


      > grrrr



      > Pj

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