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      One thing that I find I’ve been saving a lot of money on, is drinks.
      I used to drink a lot of canned soda, or premade juices…then I cut
      back and was buying the powdered drink mixes…you know the ones you
      just add water too…now I finally cut back to the store brand
      koolade packs—I bought a whole stack today for 10 cents
      each…those and a bag of sugar, is so much cheaper than a case of
      soda. I also make Iced tea with tea bags, and add a little lemon
      juice…Anyway all I know is it really is saving a lot on my grocery
      bill. jodi

      Ps…we also discussed today, the fact that nobody in my family
      drinks alcohol which is saving us a lot of money too…so many of our
      friends stop about once or twice a week at the beer distributer for a
      case or two…just mentioned this because it is a drink…not to rip
      on anyone for doing it… jodi

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