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      Several mobile carriers (Sprint and MetroPCS) offer a flat rate for unlimited texting. Trust me,our family also learned the hard way . .

      . love sick teen-aged boy. Even making him earn and pay the $$ did not cure him in a single month’s billing cycle.

      Can be an expensive lesson for youngsters to learn and being in the same boat as his friends and their parents didn’t make it any less painful.

      In response to the other thread concerning the government tax incentive checks — if I can’t rein in my DH’s monthly 411 usage I think we can all guess where our $ will go (LOL). Honestly, the first monthhis usage was “noticable” I jokingly asked if it was a 900# complete with heavy breathing and not simply 411 fees 🙂


      — On Thu, 3/20/08, Tressa Watts wrote:

      From: Tressa Watts
      Subject: RE: : Saving Money on Cell Phone 411
      Date: Thursday, March 20, 2008, 5:00 pm

      I had 2 over $400 in a row…..texting about killed us…my daughter had to pay $300 for the 2nd one. The first one caught us by suprise…
      Texting adds up very quickly. 2 of her friends parents had $400 bills also….the same month.

      needless to say her phone has been gone for 2 months now.

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      Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 16:51:46 -0500
      Subject: Re: : Saving Money on Cell Phone 411

      Holy cow on the $230 bill….one more reason I use the pay as you go service.


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      From: Gwyn Grega
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      Subject: : Saving Money on Cell Phone 411

      I don’t know how to “reply” to a current thread, with the board being
      in the current condition that it is in, it is actually aggrivating to
      not be able to view messages, individually, instead of having to
      recieve the daily thread as the only means to see messages, then have
      to sift through them, because I have no interest in Autism/ADHD on a
      budget board. Although I do “sympathize” with individuals that are
      affected by it.

      That being said, the reason I am posting, is I noticed that a lady
      said she was annoyed with her husband using 411 on his cell phone.
      Boy can I feel your pain. My son insist every month, even though I
      COMPLAIN each month, on using 411 at least 8 times…….

      When I got my cell phone bill yesterday, it was $230.00. I hit the
      roof. once i called the provider, to discuss the bill, he had used
      $40.00 worth of easy edge (internet features) during the month.

      that now has a block on

      when i asked her could i put a block on 411, laughing when I asked it,
      she said, “Well, there isn’t any reason he should be using 411, with
      text messaging available” (I personally knew about the “FREE 411”
      number, but can’t stand using it because they can never get it right)
      anyway, she explained how he can use text messaging. I tried it, and
      guess what it works.

      I don’t have text messaging available for my phone, so If I send one,
      it cost i think .20 cents. To recieve a text message is “free”.

      So what you do is send a text message to google. google being the
      telephone number of the receiver. not the actual letters, but the
      numbers assigned to the numbers on your phone pad.

      then you type in
      your business or name you need the listing for and city state.

      example: walmart kalamazoo kingdom come…….. ..then send the text

      within a few minutes you will start receive the text
      message in return
      giving you the name address and phone number of the requested
      business. if there is more than one listing in the town, it will send
      a few messages back. if you don’t put the city state, it will send
      numerous messages back for your area code, so be sure to do the city

      try it. it works. i couldn’t believe it.

      so even if you
      don’t have free text, the most it should cost you is around twenty cents.

      north carolina

      shed those extra pounds with msn and the biggest loser! learn more.

      never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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