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      Tracy, I subscribe to Mary Hunt`s Eveyday Cheapskate and the following

      is part of an excerpt of today`s Eveyday Cheapskate. I thought you and

      others might be interested in it.

      “running your dishwasher actually costs less than doing a load of

      dishes by hand in the sink, according to the Department of Energy. You

      might also find it surprising that when you wash your dishes in the

      dishwasher, 80 percent of your energy costs are associated with heating

      the water, while only 20 percent are from actual machine energy usage.

      And because hand-washing your dishes can consume 9 to 24 gallons of

      water each time you wash whereas your dishwasher only uses 6 to 10

      gallons, you can actually save energy, money and time by using the

      dishwasher. Just make sure you only run the dishwasher when it’s fully

      loaded and you’ll use even less water”.

      My dishwasher has “water miser” cycle on it. I use it instead of

      the “pots and pans” or “normal” wash cycle. I use less water and

      electricty. Also, since it`s a portable washer I unplug it after the

      drying cycle is through. I don`t even use the “air dry” cycle.


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