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      I can relate to the hubby and the AC! lol My husband is the same way. I’ve gotten used to just opening the windows and doors where my husband has to freeze in summer and roast in winter to be comfortable. 🙂

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      Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 5:23:17 PM
      Subject: : Saving money air drying clothes

      When our budget bill amount went to $249 a month DH finally gave in and let me economize. The first month the only thing I changed was I quit using the clothes dryer, washed all of our clothes in cold water and quit using the dishwasher and our bill dropped by $80. I am not kidding and those were the only changes. An electric dryer uses a 220 watt outlet like a stove and a hot water heater that is twice of a standard outlet 110. That is the main reason I bake so much in my toaster oven.

      After the success with the laundry and dishwasher we started replacing lightbulbs now our budget bill is $132 a month mostly due to the hight cost of heat in the winter. Our actuall electricity usuage is about $80 in the summer and my dh would rather die than economise on his AC.

      Tracy in VA

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