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      This maybe all old news to some but for me it really works, to save money you have to know what is in your pantry and freezer, I have a sheet on both freezer,pantry and cellar ,when I take some thing out I put it on my master grocery list and put the spare in the spare room. I plan my menus a year in advance, yes we switch it up, but it helps me plan on the store holiday sales and to use up what I have so it doesn’t go bad. You need to be organized to help save money.

      I also save my change,rebates or what I save with coupons, I take it right out and put it in a spare jar, you can use it for the holidays or something special at the end of the year or like I do I use it to buy stocking up food. I also try to only but things I need on sale and with a coupon, after you get your stock pile it is a lot easier.

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