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      The last email digest brought to mind something I had been thinking about for a long time how much gas do we waste sitting in drive through lines at banks and fast food. Now if you got little ones no one can fault you for not wanting to get them out of their car seats etc. But my dd is nine years old.

      I bet I waste a lot of gas in these situations.

      We love fast food I need to get better about packing a cooler for snacks etc. Because it would improve both our health and our finances.

      One tip I am sure you all know of but I will just mention it anyway when I cook I like to cook extra and freeze especially casseroles. I made a casserole Saturday night with ground turkey, onion, taco seasoning which I make from scratch, some generic shells and cheese type dinners, andsalsa.

      Hubby gotmost of the itemsvolunteering at the food bankwhich is onething we have done to stretch our budget since he has been laid off.

      I placed my leftovers immediately in 12 oz containers I buy at the dollar tree I get three for a dollar. Today I am very sick and just heated one in Microwave for my lunch. So having these things in the freezer does help keep me from fast food I will often heat these on nights when my dd has meetings like scouts or something.

      In fact all of my leftovers go immediately in the freezer no matter how small they are. When DD was in special ed preschool her classroom had a microwave and I would freeze even one serving of green beans etc in little 4 oz containers. When it came time to pack her lunch I found that three of these little containers was a perfect lunch for her.

      I always had such a good selection in thefreezer I could always make her a complete lunch.

      like a little container of cubed meat, green beans, applesauce, oh the list was just endless mac and chese, spagheti all kinds of things. It was great.

      Her teachers was shocked at what a good eater she was because Autistic spectrum children can have all kinds of food issues but she was used to these things so she ate quite well.

      Portioning and freezing foods in tiny containers may also come in handy in families with picky eaters.

      Justa few frugal thoughts

      Tracy in VA

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Saving gas and packing snacks