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      We all really need to save for retirement and it is so hard when you are
      living paycheck to paycheck. If your husband has a 401k at work (or could
      be called a 403b or 457 depends on the company or govt that he works for)
      make sure that he is putting some money into it. Most companies have a match
      and that is free money.

      My former company would pay 50 cents on every
      dollar that I invested up to 6% of my salary. That was free money. The
      money is also tax deferred.

      If you are the non-working spouse you can set up a spousal ira which can
      either be traditional (tax deductible and tax deferred) or a roth ira (no
      deduction but grows tax-free). the roth has less restrictions on it. you may
      put in $3000 a year (this amount is going up every few years) and put it in a
      CD, money market, annuity or a mutual fund. is a wonderful resource for learning about retirement savings.
      I used to be trainer for a financial services firm specializing in

      Mommy to Lewie, Ryan and Colin

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