Saving for retirement

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      We go with Primerica for our retirement and life insurance. They are wonderful.
      If one of us was to pass away the other would have absolutely no worries, and
      our retirement is going to be pretty well cushioned as well. Also, when you
      talk to an agent, they help you do an fna (financial needs analysis) (free) that
      helps you decide what bills to pay off first and how you can pay them off at an
      accelerated rate and how much life insurance you may want and need as well as
      retirement needs and planning for college for your children.

      we are mid 20’s,
      so we got started early enough that we will be well set for retirement.

      My husband used to be a Primerica agent so he can tell you a little bit if you
      want, he can’t give much advice though because he isn’t liscenced anymore and he
      can’t work across state lines. It is a really good thing to look into, the
      initial fna is free, and even if you decide against there life insurance or
      anything, the fna still gives a lot of info and direction into paying off bills.
      let me know if anyone wants more info, and i’ll have my husband right in.

      disclaimer: we are not affiliated with primerica and will not benefit in any way
      from any information we give about primerica. just thought i would add that
      since i sounded a little like an ad above.
      from: “craig jones”
      Date: Mon Apr 21, 2003 4:45 pm
      Subject: Re: : Saving for retirement (kinda long)

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