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      Morning all.
      I wanted to write in with a few suggestions for you all based on what I have learned in my current job. I work for the Weatherization Department of my local Community Action Program.

      So number one….figure out if/where you have one of these programs near you, and apply for it. They focus on insulation and air sealing, and I can only speak for my agency, but we partner with a local energy efficiency firm, and they help us with electrical measures, like light bulbs (compact flourescents) and fridge replacements. No one is going to save DOLLARS on fuel this year, but they can save gallons with weatherization.

      I have an 1100 sq foot house. I have two children (7 and 11) My electric bill is $35.00 a month give or take a few cents. I am VIGILANT about my electricity usage, not only because of the cost, but because of the footprint on the supply!!!

      I have an electric stove and dryer…and do probably two to three loads in the dryer per week.

      -turn off and unplug anything/everything possible when not in use (When I started this I went from $45 a month down to $35)

      -replace light bulbs with CFLs

      Hope this helps.

      Marie in Vermont

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