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      Yes , wheat is getting very expensive. Bread Beckers charges 40.92 for a 40pound( 6 gallon bucket) of hard white wheat. That comes to 98 cups of wheat or 142 cups of ground flour.

      That equals almost 29 cent per cup. That amounts to about 3.77 for every 5 pounds of flour we go through. I know fresh ground is better than bagged store wheat , but is not any cheaper.

      It is actually a whole lot more expensive than white flour.
      Waltons is not available to me unless I buy as an individual and pay more for shipping than the grains themselves cost. There used to be a Wheat Montana co op about 45 miles from me , but is gone now too.
      I could drive 45 miles to an Earth Fare but their prices are no better and usually a little higher.
      I just relized that I also have a bucket of Durham Wheat.

      Has anyone made bread from Durham wheat????


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      From: Hope Ware
      Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 9:50 PM
      Subject: : Re::Baking bread with home ground wheat ?

      I know that you have to PACK soft white wheat to get the measurement in
      the recipe correct. I’d pack it in the measuring cup and then go by
      “feel”. Be sure it’s cleaning the sides of the bowl and you knead it
      long enough.

      You’ll be okay. If you have some vital gluten, I wonder
      if you’d add that too. It may give you a little better texture and
      rise with the soft white.

      I, too, have made bread with soft white.
      Mine turned out okay. I’ve noticed that those of us who grind are
      paying quite a bit more now for those wheat berries. 🙁


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