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      I have a bag of shredded coconut that I’ve had for quite a while. The coconut is dry and a little brittle. Can it be saved and used or should I throw it away?

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      If you are using it in baking it should still work but might be smaller pieces.
      I usually store mine in the freezer and it stays soft for a very long time.

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      Wondering how long you have had this bag ? You can keep a bag for several months if it’s closed up (sealed) at room temp. I would check the expiration date on the bag too.

      I don’t use alot of shredded coconut, to use a full bag. So what I do when I have some left—I seal the bag and put it in the freezer.. And it’s always nice and fresh as if I’ve just opened a brand new bag.
      Hey remember if in doubt throw it out….

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      If it’s not expired maybe you could put it in water and nuke it a minute or two, then drain it and let it cool and blot it dry. Maybe it’ll come back to life. If not you can always pitch it.
      I also keep my coconut in the freezer because I don’t use much, have also started keeping my mini marshmellows in freezer.

      Kept our house at 78 last summer and they all stuck together, now they go in freezer.

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      I’m pretty sure it is past the expiration date!!! The bag is closed up good and it has been in the back of my fridge where things stay just short of frozen. Was going to make candy but didn’t know if putting it in wet ingredients would soften it any.

      It’s not moldy and still smells ok.

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      Coconut has oil in it like nuts. Freezing it locks in the oils and helps keep it moist. If you seal a bag and put it in the freezer it can be kept for up to six months and still be fresh. I don’t think you can rehydrate coconut but you might try it.

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      Thanks MJC1976. Don’t have anything to lose by experimenting.

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      ok – update – i put a small amount of the coconut in a dish & added a little water, then let it sit. after 30 mins. drained excess water and dumped coconut out on paper towels.

      Patted dry. Only difference I can detect is maybe (could be just me) the taste is not quite as strong. Otherwise, it seems to be just fine.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q Saving Coconut