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      Most people here buy the season pass because it gets you free parking, admission, & rides. The only things you need money for is food and souveniers.

      A season pass pays for itself after 3 visits. You can also get a combo ticket & go to Water Country USA, which is owned by Busch.

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      Hi! Just noticed this thread!! I am a big time Disney fan and go multiple times a year since we live only 4 hours away 🙂 If you have any questions, I might know the answers.

      As for prices, I only know about the Orlando Walt Disney World prices but they should/might be similar to the one in Japan.

      You can pay for the entrance ticket to each park. You can pay PER park (there are 4: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom) and its somewhere between $50-100 i think…. OR you can buy the park hopper which lets you in all 4 parks in one day.

      Some people like to go one day at each park or some like to go to all 4 in one day. You can also get the season pass. Here they have different levels, one where it is blocked out for the popular times of year so its cheaper, or the full year pass.

      They can be like $300-600 in Orlando.

      They have alot of specials and deal, if you go to the website…. for example, i got 4 days of park hopper tickets for $125 so that is pretty much a bargain. And you have 6 months to use them all.

      I am sure if you check online you could find out.

      A website i really like that teaches all about Walt Disney World (in Orlando) is The dis discussion forums – – powered by vbulletin

      busch gardens is pretty similar to disney but more similar to animal kingdom… it has safari rides, similar to a zoo, and roller coasters and other rides too. this might be good to visit for a day when in the area, if in fl.

      it’s a few hours a way from disney though (in tampa). and i’ve heard the year pass is pretty much close in price to the one day pass – to get people coming back.

      and you can also go to islands of adventures (comic books and roller coasters and movie themed)… or universal studios (movie themed with rides and stores too). both of those are in orlando.

      you just have to pay one price to get in. it changes depending on the time of year. and they have seaworld too which is like an aquarium…

      but this is all in orlando only so i’m not too sure about japan.

      here are some links to check out:

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