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      NetWinner is an online game site that you don’t pay for at all, you

      don’t use a credit card, it’s 100% free to join, free to play, and

      free to cash out at. You play a game (unfortunatly, they only have 1

      type), and you win points when you win.

      Points are: 1000 = $1.00. It takes 25,000 points to cash out at


      You redeem the points for gift card, and as of today, they have:

      Home Depot

      Best Buy



      Barnes & Noble


      Bath & Body Works

      Victoria’s Secret (This is brand new today!!)

      It can take some time to build up, but I’ve redeemed $250 in gift

      cards, and recieved $225 of that. My last card processed today,

      meaning it’ll be sent out in the next week.

      I’m at 20,890 points currently, so I’ll cash out again soon for my

      next card.

      You can also refer people and you get a 10% bonus of what they win.

      There are also cash prizes on the board to win. You can play as

      often as you like, there’s no limit (some places allow 5 plays per

      day, etc). You must be 18 to play.

      [url=”″][/url] is my sign up info,

      if you want to sign up. I would appreciate if you use it, but you

      don’t have to. Just remove the ?signupCode=gilly2878 if you want to

      sign up without a referral. It costs you nothing to be under a

      referral, though.

      Pinecone is a survey site, but it’s more product research. They ask

      about your shopping habits, then show you a product that’s new or

      about to be released onto the market, and ask your opinions on the

      packaging, the price, the flavors, even the brand name. It’s actual

      products, too, like Nabisco, Betty Crocker, Gatorade, etc.

      The only downside is they limit when people can sign up. They pay $5

      per survey, which can be sent via check (arrives in roughly a week)

      or via paypal (haven’t used, not sure how quick it arrives, it’s a

      new option). helps you find the banner for

      when you can sign up, and gets you into the program a bit easier.

      Sometimes, they limit signup by demographics- like they are in need

      of 25-35 year old men from the southeast, or something like that, so

      you might not get in your first time signing up.

      Hope that helps some!

      — In, Maja Drouin



      > What is Netwinner and pinecone ? Im into getting paid for surveys,

      testing products etc and all that kinds of things and courious ?

      > thanks you and happy st. patricks day to all,

      > Maja






      > Maja Drouin

      > Jerky Direct, Distributor

      > Web: Who wants free Jerky ? Great for


      > Phone: 651-463-4872

      > Free surveys

      > Web: WorkingParent







      > Alt i én. Få Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og


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