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      This has been posted on here several times before. We do the same thing, we call

      it the “Kitty Jar.” The money is used for a weekend getaway. It’s getting about

      that time again. The change adds up fast.

      — In, Maja Drouin



      > Hi group,


      > I have a frugal savings idea I want to share with the rest of

      you, in case none of you have thought about doing the same. When I

      did this and took it to the bank I was totally surprised of the

      amount I had saved up. I keep a container where I everytime I have

      changes leftovers from buying stuff etc emtying it into this

      container, it got full and I took it to the bank, and I actually had

      $107 saved up in changes, the teller in the bank told us lots of

      people does that, and use it towards vacation, or you can treat the

      family for something nice, that you usually wouldnt do, or use it

      towards the kids college.


      > Thank you and have a great day,

      > Maja

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