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      I save my change up all the time. I used to just do it once in a

      while, but since February, I’ve started an earnest change jar. I

      stopped spending $1 bills, and all change. At the end of the day, I

      empty both $1’s & change from my purse.

      I decided after I hit $100 in bills, I would go ahead and deposit it

      into my own savings account (which would need to be opened) for our

      vacation this summer.

      It didn’t take me long at all to save up. I ended up with $130 in

      $1’s before I had a chance to deposit it, and $69 in change (though

      I used a coin star to sort it, so I ended up with $63). I also had a

      $25 check from NetWinner, and 2 $5 checks from Pinecone that I

      deposited at the same time.

      After all of it was added up, including a few spare $1’s from my

      purse, I had $220 to deposit into my account last Friday. Since

      then, I’ve added $20 in $1’s, and almost $15 in change to the jar.

      I think since I already have a huge start in the bank, I’ll go ahead

      and deposit the change jar tomorrow or early next week, and just

      keep depositing it as it builds up.

      We also set aside $500 that I deposited into the account this week

      out of our taxes, which replaced the money from our Disney account

      (and then some, by a long shot), since Disney is likely not going to

      happen for a while. Basically, we’d been saving some money here and

      there to go to Disney, but things kept coming up, and we had to keep

      dipping into that account.

      So, the Disney money was gone, but now replaced, and added to, for a

      much closer to home, and much more affordable vacation this summer

      for the family.

      Anyway, saving change can build up quickly, whether it’s for a date

      night, a rainy day, a car repair, a vacation, or a new dress…

      might as well save it if you can afford to.

      I know it’s not always feesible- I remember well the days of

      counting quarters, pennies, nickles, & dimes to get a loaf of bread,

      and put $2 of gas into the car to get back and forth where we needed

      to go. But, if you can do it, resist the urge to spend those coins.

      Once you get going, maybe set aside your $1 bills if you can, or

      even just half of them. It adds up quickly!

      — In, Maja Drouin



      > Hi group,


      > I have a frugal savings idea I want to share with the rest of

      you, in case none of you have thought about doing the same. When I

      did this and took it to the bank I was totally surprised of the

      amount I had saved up. I keep a container where I everytime I have

      changes leftovers from buying stuff etc emtying it into this

      container, it got full and I took it to the bank, and I actually had

      $107 saved up in changes, the teller in the bank told us lots of

      people does that, and use it towards vacation, or you can treat the

      family for something nice, that you usually wouldnt do, or use it

      towards the kids college.


      > Thank you and have a great day,

      > Maja






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