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      What would you like a referral for?

      At Pinecone, we can’t refer. You have to find a banner when they are

      posted, and get in on your own. Membership isn’t open. 🙁 It can

      take some time to get there.

      Here’s a site that really helps find the banners, though:

      Here is my if you want to use that:

      Also, if interested in Treasure Trooper:

      Anyone interested in TT who doesn’t understand how it works, or who

      is signed up but doesn’t know how to work through it, I -highly-

      recommend this site:

      It’s a site a girl put together with step by step how to go through

      stuff, how to get offers approved, how to complete them, etc. So far

      for 2007, I’ve gotten $222.58. You get paid once per month, and have

      to have a minimum of $20 in your account to get paid. It’s 100% free

      to join and use, BUT there are some credit card offers you can do

      (some cost money, some don’t), which will in turn earn you more

      money (if you feel up to it).

      If you have any questions, though, I can answer -some- I have a much

      harder time explaining how it works, though, than the website listed


      — In, Maja Drouin



      > Ok if either one of the programs has a referral system could

      someone refer me and that way you’ll get the referral bonus for

      referring me ? if not I will just sign up directly at the site.


      > Thank you,

      > Maja






      > Maja Drouin

      > Jerky Direct, Distributor

      > Web: Who wants free Jerky ? Great for


      > Phone: 651-463-4872

      > Free surveys

      > Web: WorkingParent







      > Alt i én. Få Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og


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