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      Save on Entertainment

      go to the library! it’s one of your best resources for all kinds of free
      entertainment. they usually have story hours for preschoolers, craft programs
      and reading programs for school-age kids.

      you can check out books and sometimes
      magazines and audio and video tapes. our local library (and we live in a very
      small town) even has fishing rods and tackle boxes that kids can borrow! go
      visit your library and find out what they have to offer.
      rent a video tape.

      it’s a lot cheaper than taking the family to the movies.
      make a big batch of popcorn, mix up some lemonade and you’ve got an evening of
      entertainment for less than $5.00. This is even cheaper if you get the tape from
      the library but they don’t always have the newest ones that you want to see.
      go to the park or playground. kids enjoy playing on the slides and monkey
      bars and you’ll probably meet some other parents to chat with.

      some public parks
      have pools or beaches that residents can use for free or a small fee. others
      have summer craft or sports programs for kids.
      don’t forget your own backyard! if you live in a location with a yard take
      advantage of it!

      put the kids lunch in their school lunchboxes and let them have
      a picnic. let them run under the lawn sprinkler on a hot day. in the fall
      collect colored leaves to identify and make a collage out of.

      let them have
      their own garden space to plant whatever they want. give them some old sheets or
      blankets to make a tent.
      go to museums. this can be a great entertainment value as well as being
      educational. check with them to find out if they have free admission afternoons
      or 2 for one coupons.

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