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      I call it sausage and stuff, I have precook bits of sausage in the freezer, I also have baggies of pre cooked rice in the freezer because I make lots, I dump it all in a pot with veggies and let it warm up with a can of mushroom soup and some light spices, my care people who live with me love it. They love the smell of sausage but I also do this freezer thing with left over beef roast and pork roast, Italian sausages, and left over chicken.
      Put baggies of these meats and mashed potatoes and rice in your freezer, either after cooking them for this purpose or from left over meats and foods and you will never have to cook on a night that everyone comes home late. It doesn’t take long for these items from the baggies to warm up and creat a great all in one meal.

      My peeps love it because they have to have their food cut up small anyway, especially steak. Last week we had steak with rice and Chinese veggies with a soup base and some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top after it was all cooked up, in less then an hour with almost no prep. I did the steaks one night, I had one that night and cut up the rest for their meal the next day and a baggie of what was left over went in the freezer.

      The crock does it all. They like flavour but not hot stuff.
      Also I did cheesy pasta with a can of chilli, boy they loved that. Chilli is hard on their insides as you can imagine being disabled, but the pasta thins out the use of the beans and with a little cheese made them ask for it the next night, luckily I had lots left over.

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      Thank you so much for your post! I guess my brain never thought about freezing left over cooked rice and mashed potatoes!! Does it change the texture of them?

      I know some cooked pastas can get “Mooshy” or grainy after being frozen.

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      Not really, my rice never changes at all and I do freeze Basmatti and brown rice as well in baggies, take most of the air out without actually squeezing the rice. I freeze all kinds of bits of meat usually in containers.
      The veggies I buy frozen anyway but you can portion them from the big bag to equal the amounts you need in your dinners you will make and keep them in the freezer near your rice and meat portions.

      This becomes a grab and go for everything in this section of your freezer and all you need is the sauce and spices, cheese and anything else you want to put in with these items that night.
      Hamburger, meat balls left over, pieces of sausages, roast beef,,, it’s endless what you can store for later use on a day you need them or just don’t want to yank out a whole roast just to make a crock pot of great food.
      This can be put all together in a microwave pot and cooked on med for a bit then stir and hit it high for a couple mins, or in the oven with a little water to prevent drying it out, or even in a slow cooker mid day and ready by supper.

      I am sure even in a deep frying pan on medium to low (with some water) for a while and stirred occasionally but I haven’t tried that yet.

      I have created a few yummy meals this way for my peeps with little effort and they love it.
      Nice thing is the left over meats are usually already spiced already because they were left overs so this dish usually already has its flavour without you having to think hard what to do.
      The frozen rice and veggie portions will go nice with a can or two of salmon or tuna as well as an instant fish casserole.

      Add a sauce, like mushroom soup, it works, and maybe some cheese. Throw the fish and sauce in after the frozen bits have melted down some with a little water and heat. I threw a dollup of mayonnaise on top at the end and stirred it all up before serving.

      It was perfect.
      By the way, my mom taught me all of this, she is the smart one. She wanted me to start eating black rice so she came here and cooked up a whole bunch and froze it in baggies in my freezer and told me to use it. It was so easy, no waiting for the rice to cook so I could add it to something else.

      Now I do it all the time and she does too. I have frozen loads of food types and never had an issue cooking them all down in one pot because none of the items are huge. That might be the trick, all same sized lumps in one pot but again don’t squeeze any of them to solid lumps before freezing, just remove the air.

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      Something else I tried. I had about two bowls worth of left over food from a dinner one night and I put it into two glass bowls, wrapped them tight and stored them in my freezer just as is. A couple nights later we all came home later then usual and I needed to feed my peeps soon or they’d think I was starving them.

      I stuck the bowls right from the freezer into the micro for two mins and let them sit a few mins, one bowl at a time tho. And then hit them high for a min and half and voila. They had dinner.

      I still had to find something for me but it saved them thinking supper was only for lucky people. Trick, put the food in the bowl, punch a hole in the middle with a spoon and wrap. The hole in the middle allows the micro to cook much faster.

      Less nuking.

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