Saturday 3/10

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      Good morning everyone. I just realized I put the wrong date on yesterdays post. LOL I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. It’s suppose to start raining here this afternoon but it’s not going to be cold.

      My plans for today…
      I have to take the boys to practice @ 9:30
      After that I’m going to go to the track, I made up a new track workout for the boys and I’m going to try it out
      I pick them up @ 11
      then it’s back home to shower and finish up my daily cleaning
      That’s about it for me today, I don’t do much cleaning on the weekends just a daily list to keep the house up and it doesn’t take long at all.

      Dinner tonight may be last nights dinner b/c we went and got Subway instead!!!

      What’s your plans for today? What’s on your menu for this evening?


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