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      Hello, I am new this past week and don’t think I said hello yet. My name is Krissi, I am married to Chris and we have 3 girls, Sara is 8.5 (Dec.), Kaitlynn is 4.5 (Jan.) and Emilee is 13 months (July). We are in ma.

      i am a wahm and have really no income. we live off my hubby’s income which isn’t much for the hours he puts in. he is an asst. mgr at a walmart.

      we are very tight on money.

      i do have to say, anyone with babies or toddler’s in diapers… sam’s club is sooo worth going to. the money you will save just on diapers is nuts.

      size 1 – 2 gets 228 Huggies diapers and it was $28.63. To go to Walmart and get that many diapers would be over $70. Emi is now in a size 3 so of course the bigger the size, the less diapers you get, I now get 168 diapers, but it is $29.32.

      Wish we got the walmart discount at Sam’s Club too but it doesn’t work that way. I know I sound like a pro on that but just telling you how worth it is.

      Looking forward to the great tips and advice on here and meeting new people.

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