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      Compare their unit prices with what you’d buy at the supermarket. Some things

      are cheaper at the store. Sam’s has case prices on meats if you have the

      freezer room. You can also buy a whole sirloin and have them slice it for you,

      as long as you aren’t using it for resale. They will slice the deli meats, as

      well, if you aren’t reselling them. I will do this and re-package them in

      smaller packages for the freezer at home. I buy my cheese there and freeze it.

      If you set your grocery list to rotate items, you won’t spend too much each

      week. I will buy meat one week, cheeses another week, etc. Once you get set up

      it is pretty easy. Sam’s also has double money back on produce. Beware of the

      pre-packged foods as they are more expensive than cooking from scratch. You can

      save money if you stick to your grocery list and budget.

      Roxanne McLain

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      From: brlane4

      Subject: : SAMS Club

      I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

      have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like


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