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      The things that keep me shopping at Sam’s once a week are milk, produce & meat.

      ~1% Milk is currently $3.03 a gallon at my Sam’s, over $4 elsewhere. I buy 6-8

      gallons a week, so this is my best Sam’s bargain.

      ~Meat, chicken & fish prices are good (I got a 7 lb roast for $2.89/lb, which

      will be 2 meals for my family of eight, 4 ham steaks for about $15, which will

      also be two meals. A package of about 12-14 chicken thighs was $7.21 the last

      time I bought them. I think most of the pork cuts are still under $2/lb.

      ~Fresh fruits & veggies are cheaper, but only if you can use the larger

      quantities. I paid $6.88 for 10 lbs of navel oranges the other day, & $2.42 for

      a normal sized cantaloupe, & a package of 6 romain hearts for $3.00. I avoid

      the heads of iceberg lettuce. If you like lettuce wedges, they’re probably

      good, but I find that they’re small & very hard. I like my lettuce a little

      leafier. All of the produce is bagged or boxed in quantity, but not outrageously

      so. Melons & pineapples are the only things you can buy singly, or pick through

      to find the best.

      ~Pasta is a great bargain-under $1 a pound.

      ~For a quick meal, their rotisserie chickens are great. They make the

      rotisserie chickens at grocery stores look like Cornish game hens, & cost under

      $5 a piece, where the other stores are close to $7 a piece. I buy 2, use all of

      one & some of the other for a meal, then make homemade soup with the rest.

      Paper goods are a bargain, if you don’t mind 15 rolls of TP at a time.

      As a general rule, I don’t buy name brands at Sam’s unless they’re brands I

      usually buy (Jiff peanut butter or Cheerios, for example), because store brands

      or low end brands can almost always be found cheaper at the grocery stores. But

      the prices on the name brands are great. You can find some Sam’s brand products,

      mostly in the paper goods & pop.

      Flour, sugar, rice & beans all come in large bags 10lb~ 25lb, so they’re good if

      you’ve got the storage space. I don’t, so don’t buy them, & don’t know the


      btw, these prices are for the denver, co area.



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      > I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

      > have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like

      > Sams?


      > Regina



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