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      Know the prices the items would be at a regular store. Often, you are

      paying the same price, or only saving a few pennies by getting an item

      in bulk at the cost clubs like Sam’s. Don’t assume that because it’s in

      bulk, you’ll be getting a better deal.

      You will be able to find deals, but knowing before you buy helps.

      I’d recommend taking a tour and walking through, and writing down

      prices of items you might be interested in purchasing. Then, do the

      same thing at the grocery store- compare which ones are actually good

      deals, and which ones are not.

      — In, “brlane4” wrote:


      > I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

      > have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like

      > Sams?


      > Regina

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