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      I buy chedder cheese slices, Kirkland dog food, butter, toilet paper,

      and grated parmesan cheese at Costco all the time. They are MUCH

      cheaper there than I can buy anywhere else. You have to pay close

      attention to the unit price of everything and know you prices, but you

      really can save a lot of money there. If you have the stamina, it also

      pays to look around the whole store. My hubby bought a B&D 10″ saw

      blade at Costco a few weeks ago for $6.50. The best price anywhere

      else is Home Depot and they want $18.97 for the same blade!

      — In, Sarah Long wrote:


      > I’ve found that for most items places like Sams and Costco are

      overpriced compared to what I can get the item for on sale especially

      with coupons. The only time I have ever found any deals at these

      places was when they had either marked down meat or marked down other

      items but then again even those a lot of times were not that great.



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