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      Does anyone have a recipe to make your own salve to apply to water and/or blood blisters?

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      When you have a blister it’s important to keep it clean and dry. Also don’t try to open your blister. Once the blister is open the tissue underneath can easily get infected.

      Aloe vera juice is a great natural treatment for blisters. Once you slice off a piece of its stem aloe vera juice will flow from the plant. You can simply apply this juice to your blister.


      Make your own bottle of aloe vera juice — Slice up several leaves from the plant and put them in a glass jar. Then cover the leaves with vegetable oil. Allow to soak for 60 days and then strain.

      Keep the oil in a dark glass container (clearly labeled with its contents). Use your homemade aloe vera juice on blisters as well as burns, rashes and other wounds.

      Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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      Thanks for sharing, i got a huge blister on my foot.

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      My favourite s defense healing salve. what i like about this salve is its natural and effective ingredients 🙂

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