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      Safely Thawing Frozen Meats

      Place the frozen meat product still in its original wrapping into a zip-top bag. Fill your sink with COLD water. Immerse and walk away for a couple of hours.

      It’s far better than using a microwave to thaw, since sometimes it tends to precook. I thawed a 1-1/2 pound “brick” of hamburger this way. I will never let it sit on the counter.

      You can also thaw over night in the refrigerator, setting your meat product in a bowl or on a plate. This way you don’t get any drippings from the package thur your refrigerator.

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      I’ve used this trick and it works great! Thanks!

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      I use a thermal defrosting tray for most items. Works fast

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      I recently read an article (can’t remember where) saying NEVER thaw meat outside of the refrigerator. I am not sure if this is 100% true all the time in every case, but it argued that meat tends to thaw at different temperatures when outside of the refrigerator, where it may end up spoiling. It said that the best way is to leave it overnight in the refrigerator and by the next night it should be ready.

      I’ve been doing this and it seems to work just fine. The only problem is remembering to cook what you’ve thawed or actually cooking it.

      So i was wondering, does anyone know how long it’s “safe” to leave thawed meat in the fridge before cooking? I put some chicken in the fridge to thaw friday night (frozen) and haven’t cooked it yet and am wondering if it’s too late for sanitary reasons? I usually go by a 2-day rule but this time it’s way over that and I don’t want it to go to waste…

      what do you all think?

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      I think it might depend on when you froze it in the first place. The day you bought it, or when it was about to hit the “use by” date. I always try to stick by the two day rule as well.

      If it smells weird in any way definitely throw it out. Better safe than sorry.

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      how long it’s “safe” to leave thawed meat in the fridge before cooking

      raw chicken should not be used if it has been in your fridge more than 24 hours. Cooked chicken shouldn’t be eaten after 48 hours in the fridge. Any cooked food should be thrown away if it has been out of the oven and not refrigerated for more than 2 hours.

      This is a pretty standard rule of thumb that most fast-food restaurants, schools, nursing homes, and similar institutions use.

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