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      RV Travel Lifestyle, New Zealand’s longest-running NZ-owned motorhome travel publication. We visit NZ’s most beautiful spots north to south from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island and everywhere in between. Hire or buy an RV for an amazing way to explore our pristine and often wild places. We visit cycleways, historic and cultural sites, Department of Conservation parks, stunning beach and mountain destinations to inspire our readers, along with major cities and small towns, and showcase activities from fishing to motor racing, wine tours to music festivals and shopping. We review RVs, and travellers share their experiences. An excellent publication for those travelling around New Zealand to self-drive an RV or car, and see the best NZ can offer.

      Our readers: Are both male and female, with 79% of readers being in the 35 to 70 year age groups. Income varies greatly from $30,000 pa to $160,000. Most readers are home owners and own more than one vehicle. We are finding that the age group of Rvers is coming down. Baby Boomers. They don’t want the “Bach” anymore..too expensive…high maintenance. They want freedom to roam and they want to get away NOW!

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      Hi RVLifestyle and welcome to Budget101.com! :w1:

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! RV Travel Lifestyle