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      Russian Beeflove smiley
      2 lb stew beef
      2/3 cup apricot preserves
      16 oz bottle Russian Dressing (go for the generic brand)
      2 pkgs onion soup mix
      Dump the beef in the crockpot. Mix remaining ingredients until well blended and pour over beef. Stir to coat beef.

      Cook on low 6-8 hours.
      serve over wide egg noodles, a favorite veggie on the side and some crusty bread (or homemade or biscuits or rolls) and you have a wonderfully filling meal. no seconds! there won’t be room!


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      :016: My mouth started watering just reading this one, sounds delic!

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      If you aren’t hungry after you read this something is wrong with you!!! Thanks.

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      it is sooo easy and sooo tasty! the Russian dressing really has an effect on the beef — tenderizing and flavoring;-) you can turn it into a kind of stew by adding carrots, potatoes (skip the noodles!!), and peas. but be sure to have some sort of bread to sop up that sauce…talk about depression recipes!

      lol! daddy was a depression kid and never got over having some sort of bread and butter on the table (farm boy so he had to churn!). my mother could place the most elegant meal on the table, but it wouldn’t be ‘ready-to-eat’ until she placed a basket of bread and the butter dish on the table.

      we could be eating boiled seafood — crawfish, crabs, or shrimp and at least crackers and the butter dish had to be on the table! lol!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes Russian Beef Stew