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      Originally posted by Theresa on April 16, 2003
      Rose Tips

      Seven Dust does wonders for black spots. Also be sure to pick off the dead leaves or ones that are covered badly with the black spots, put them in the trash away from the rose bush. We found dusting them with seven dust every week will keep it under control

      Originally posted by GaSeku on April 19, 2003
      Black Spots on Roses

      Whole ground cornmeal will do the trick on the roses. Nothing will reverse the black spots that already exist, but the cornmeal will put a stop to any in the future. Use one or two cups, depending on the plant size, and sprinkle from the plant base out to its dripline.

      Sprinkle in with a little water. That’s it! The cornmeal also adds a little nutrients to the soil so you get that benefit, too.

      Get organic, if at all possible. Whole ground cornmeal is available at feed stores, health food stores and organic gardening stores. It’s by far cheapest at a feed store, something like less than $10 for 50 pounds!

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