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      I make felt or nubby material toys for my daughter’s dog, Rocco. He’s a little Papillion. I call it Ms. Thing.

      It’s easy to cut out (cut 2). Draw it freehand. See the picture attached.

      Fill it with leftover material from sewing projects (you may need to cut your material so that it’s no larger than a 6″ square). With right sides together, stitch a 1/4″ seam allowance around your felt or nubby pieces. Leave it open at the “head”.

      Turn it right side out. Stuff it and hand sew the opening close with heavy duty thread (doubled). It’s also washable.

      Throw it in with towels or blankets.

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      That is really really cute! I don’t have a sewing machine and I failed my 6th grade sewing class too. Do you make these to sell like at a craft show or maybe at an elementary holiday store at Christmas time?

      Or even if you are on Facebook they have local selling and swap groups you can sell your stuff on. There is a local handmade homemade swap group for my county, those would sell like hotcakes! Or even at like a fancy pet boarding place or doggy daycare I bet you could make a deal with the owners to set up a little display to sell them.

      Little tiny dog owners would buy them like crazy! LOL sorry I tend to get a little excited. I really like it though, we bought something similar without the nubby material with a plastic squeaker inside for my little porkie at Walmart it was his baby and they changed the decoration the vinyl decoration on it and we had to buy a new one and he refused to play with it.

      Its been 2 years and he still wont play with it.

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      what great ideas MRSKORBA! we have 2 “yard sales” in my community. I’ll make a few and try this, as we have loads of small dogs here.

      I like the idea that it does not have any “bits and pieces” for dogs to bite off or swallow. I saw one at the store that was similiar in shape. That’s how I got the idea.

      The one in the store (BARK) had a squeaker inside. I can go online and buy those and insert. Thanks for responding!

      Smile, its spring!

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      You are welcome! Maybe make some without too! Some furmama’s and daddys might not want to hear the squeaky sounds!

      I wonder how it would work like to get some different material like on clearance at the craft store to make something for a bigger dog maybe like a waterproof type almost that they couldnt bite through? I dont know maybe that wouldnt work, it probably would depend on if the material would be safe for them to chew. Oh well Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

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