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      Thanks how do you find these sites?

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      I just started doing this a few weeks ago, I found a couple web boards, that seem to be trust worthy, as far as posts go. The only problem with them is they repeat posts and carry on non important conversations within the posts. this is the reason i came to this site, more structured.

      so i have been saving the sites that they go to, for future use, then i can drop going to them and get the information myself. you will notice that alot of them are repeats from board to board, only some get the information sooner.

      just like submitting for sweeps, i was driving myself nuts trying to keep track of which ones i wanted to submit to, which ones i already submitted to, …… the boards would list everything as a seperate post. then i realized, find the mother site, and for the most part they keep track of the sweep information for you, in most cases you just need to go to that site and point and click, once you are signed up, less typing, less need to read the fine details, because most are the same for the site.

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      @jkpjohnson 82109 wrote:

      Just like submitting for Sweeps, I was driving myself NUTS trying to keep track of which ones I wanted to submit to, which ones I already submitted to, …… .

      Pam, try using Robo for that, it Really helps keep track for you.

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      Thanks, I downloaded Robo early last week, also loaded (their suggestion) dr spyware. what a disaster. the dr spyware did nothing but cause problems for my pc, in addition it kept trying to get me up upgrade the program (for a price), it kept telling me i had low to med.

      trojans, ……… it took me almost a full week to get it off of my system (really, it would not go away).

      anyway, in the process i had to delete the robo, i will try again, but this time not download the suggested spyware. i normally run spybot anyway.

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      Ooh yuck. I’ve had robo about 3 years now and I Love it. Use it for sweeps, freebies, etc. I have id’s for each of my kids (some of the freebies are just for kids), my hubby, even one for my mom, because on occasion I send for items for her. It’s a real timesaver. If you use FF browser, sometimes the robo won’t fill in the form unless you click in the first box of the form first then click the button. It will return an error msg that form couldn’t be found.

      Anyway, if you need any help, give me a yell and I’ll help you set up your robo. You can set custom fields for filling in comments boxes, ages, all that jazz. It took me a couple weeks to get used to it when I first started, but really helps with dupes.

      If you’re looking for the Ultimate Sweeps Site, where you can keep track off ALL your sweeps for you go to: | New Sweepstakes

      You can register for a Free Membership to test it out, but I use the paid membership because it lists Everything under the sun. It records when you enter a contest/sweep, they verify the legitimacy of the contests,etc. I think you’ll love it. I’m an avid sweeper and have won a ton of things over the years,

      Free gas for a year
      Trip to Disney
      Last year I won a Trip to the Red Carpet event at the Emmy’s + cash

      Anyways, now that I’ve completely broken the rules and Hi-Jacked a thread!


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