Roasted Tomato Salsa Gift Idea

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      Roasted Tomato Salsa

      4-6 roasted tomato halves or 2 cups roasted cherry tomatoes
      4 jalapeno peppers or any other variety
      1/4 cup sweet onion
      6-8 sprigs cilantro, chopped
      salt to taste
      juice of 1/2 lime or a tsp. of vinegar
      1/8 tsp. granulated sugar

      Place the peppers and onion in a large preheated skillet
      over medium heat. Cook until the peppers are blistered
      and slightly blackened, and the onion is browned. Add the
      peppers and onion to a blender or food processor with the
      roasted tomatoes to chop.

      You can leave chunky or process
      more for a finer sauce-like salsa. Place the mixture in a bowl
      and stir in the cilantro, salt, sugar and lime juice. Allow it to
      set and the flavors to blend for about 30 minutes then serve.

      Note: If you know you are making the roasted tomatoes for
      salsa you can roast the onion and peppers along with them!
      It cuts out that extra step, and it’s delicious.

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