Roast Chicken and Five More Meals

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Left Over Layering Roast Chicken and Five More Meals

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      This is similar to my rotisserie chicken plus meals…just a wee bit different because it’s not a chicken purchased from the deli…it’s a nice big roasting chicken that I found in the mark-down bin. You need to purchase at least a 7-pounder in order to have enough chicken for all of the meals. Buy on sale or scavenge the mark-down bin as I do;-D
      Meal #1 — roasted chicken with stuffing, gravy, and veggie of choice
      Meal #2 — chunky chicken salad over lettuce or as sandwiches (I had enough to do both…a couple of times;-d)
      Meal #3 — good ole chicken noodle soup and biscuit bread (make biscuit dough as usual, add enough milk to make it spread easily in a jelly-roll pan and bake five minutes longer than usual to make it crispy and sop up the broth)
      Meal #4 — chicken/broccoli alfredo
      Meal #5 — stuffed baked potatoes with chicken in a cream sauce and salad on the side
      This time I actually had enough chicken leftover to make a chicken/broccoli/rice casserole using cream of chicken soup to bind it all together. So I guess you could say that I had six meals this time! LOL!
      So that I wasn’t eating chicken every day, I cut up the chicken after the first day and froze everything in portions for meals. When I had the time, I boiled the carcass to make broth and you know the rest…
      notme9 smilie

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      You’re an amazing lady, with some amazing super skills!!
      LOVE this 5-6 meal plan from ONE chicken…wow!
      Thanks so much for sharing this.

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      You are my hero! And I thought I was good, LOL. When my kids were little we ate on one chicken as long as possible. It’s good to roast the carcass in the oven when there’s no more meat and save them for stock, too.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Left Over Layering Roast Chicken and Five More Meals