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      Borax, one pound
      Powdered sugar, 60 oz.
      One oz. cocoa powder
      Two oz. sodium fluoride
      Mix well and sprinkle around places pests are known to frequent.

      Keep out of reach of children and animals!!!

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      Thank goodness I don’t need this recipe. Good to know there is a homemade way to get rid of them though. Thanks

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      I used to live on an Army base….and they were there real bad…I am so glad we got a house of our own too!!! I am too much of a neat freak that my hubby says there aint no roaches cause you scare them away with your cleaning… 🙂

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      where do you get sodium flouride

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      I get it at the Ace hardware store. 🙂

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      Will have to check that out Thanks

      We live in a house divided into apartments and the neighbors moved out, didnt have any until they had nothing to eat over there. UGGGGG I hate bugs

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      Oh I know what you mean…..Those critters give me the creeps!!! Good Luck!!

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