Rite Aid 11/11 – 11/17

Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Drug Stores Rite Aid 11/11 – 11/17

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      Color scan coming soon.

      Loreal all cosmetic – BOGO50% off (1$ mq in sinday;s paper)

      revlon – all cosmetics and grooming implements – bogo50% off, get $4 up wyb$10, L2

      Rite Aid Vitamins and Supplements – BOGO

      Russell Stover Boxed candy – $4.99, get $1 UP, L4

      All Christmas Toys – BOGO

      Rocher or Rondnoir 12ct, Lindt or Ghirardelli pouches, Bliss or Holiday packaged Dove,
      Hersheys, Mars, Nestle or Cadbury Holiday miniatures, Holiday M&Ms – 2 for $6, get $2 up wyb 2, L4

      ra home – holiday decor, candles, fleece blankets, pillows & kitchen towels – bogo50%

      Gain or Cheer laundry detergent – $4.94

      Page 2
      Zantac 24-30 ct – $8.99 , get $2 UP, L2 (ad shows 5$ MQ coming in Sunday’s paper)

      Tums 50-150 ct – 2 for $9, get $2 UP, L2

      Prilosec 42 ct or Align 25 ct – $24.99, get $2 UP, L2

      Neosporin Essentials – 2$ off regular retail, get $2 UP, L2

      In Ad coupon for – 2$ off Aleve pain relievers, Bayer Aspirin, Philips colon health- get $1 UP, L4

      In Ad coupon for – 2$ off Claritin Allergy – get $5 Up, L2

      Cold & Flu
      Dayquil Liquigel/Nyquil liquid – $5.99

      Mucinex – $11.99, get $2 Up, L4??

      Airborne, Cold-eeze – $5.99

      Robitussin or Dimetapp Cold Relievers, Advil cold or allergy, Children’s advil – 3for $15, get $5UP, L2

      Page 3
      ra nutritional supplements bogo50% $2UP WYB 2

      Nicorette products $39.99/$5Ups Limit 4?

      Revitalens,Blink tears, gel tears, Blink’nClean and Complete multi-purpose solution $8.99/$1Up Limit 2

      omron blood pressure monitor $59.99/$3Up No Limit specified

      Johnson&Johnson wound care, Neosporin BOGO50%

      assorted Centrum $9.99

      RA acetaminophen and ibuprofen, Salonpas 4 ct? 2/$3

      Tena Serenity pads BOGO

      Poise pads $11.99 $1Q in most papers

      Alli $10 off regular retail

      Contour Next EZ meter$9.99

      Meter strips $39.99

      Page 4
      Almay All Cosmetics, BOGO50% $4UPs Wyb $10 Limit 2

      Physician’s Formula Bronzer, Concealer, Powder, or Blush 40% off reg retail $5UP wyb $15 Limit 2

      Maybelline face and lip $4UP WYB $12 Limit 1

      Rimmel Cosmetics BOGO50% $5UP WYB $15 Limit 2

      Select Axe, Nivea for men, Dove for men, Old Spice Fresh, or Old Spice Swagger gift sets $9.99 get $3UPs Limit 2

      Fragrance gift sets $19.99 get $5Up Limit 2

      Parfums de coear? Imposter Designer body sprays, Bod body sprays $4 UP wyb $9? Limit 2

      Holiday gift sets $.99-$9.99

      Cover Girl Simply Ageless, Clean, and Tru-blend makeupBOGO50%

      All watches BOGO50%

      Page 5
      Nexxus shampoo, conditioner, and stylers $10UPs WYB $20 Limit 2

      American Crew, Chi, Rusk, and Sebastian Professional haircare $10UPWYB$20 Limit 2

      Revlon ColorSilk Hair color 2/$6 $1UP/2 Limit ?

      Dove Bar soap 4pk, body wash, Pond’s cold cream and towelettes, Vaseline lotion 2/$11 $3UPs/2 Limit 2

      All Neutrogena bath care, skin care, and men’s shaving $5UPs WYB $20 Limit 2

      Garnier shampoo, conditioner, or treatments,Nutrisse or Herbashine hair color $5.99

      Nivea men or women’s skin care $5.99

      Head & Shoulders shampoo 2/$9

      Nice’nEasy root touchup hair color $4.99

      Dove shampoo. conditioner, hair spray or mousse 2/$6

      Gold Bond skin, bath, first aid, or foot care BOGO50%

      Page 6
      Colgate toothpaste or toothbrush, $2.99
      Regular 6.4 oz
      Total Advanced 4 oz
      Total 4.2 oz
      Kids Manual
      Excludes 360 and Pro

      Crest toothpaste or Oral B toothbrush

      Any Gillette ProGlide, Fusion, Mach 3 or Venus cartridge refill or Gillette or Satin Care shave gel or foam
      $10 up wyb $30 Limit 2

      All Bic razors BOGO50%, $1 up wyb 2 Limit 4

      Kotex 2 for $6
      $5 up wyb $25 Limit 2

      Old Spice High Endurance, Secret 2/$5, $1 up wyb 2, limit 2

      Axe body sprays, antiperspirant, shampoo, conditioners, excludes stylers 2/$9, $5 up wyb $15, Limit 2

      25% off any Oral B rechargable or battery brush or refill, $10 up wyb $30, Limit 2
      offer valid 10/31 – 12/4

      Listerine, Rembrandt toothpaste, $5.49

      Sensodyne $4.99

      Pampers diapers or easy ups, $9.99 $2 UP, Limit 4

      Huggies wipes, diapers, pull-ups, goodnites, bed mat, $9.99, $5 up wyb $25 Limit 2

      Page 7
      Holiday novelty candy $2/2, $1 up wyb 2, Limit 4
      Russell Stover, Bob’s Candy Canes, Lindt, Palmer bags or peppermint bark, sixlets, etc

      Pepperidge Farms Cookies, Whitman sample, Ferrero Rocher, Russell Stover or Whitmans Tins, $6, $1 UP, Limit 4

      Advent calendar, 2/$3, $1 up wyb 2 Limit 4

      Reeses tree packs, Christmas mug with candy, mini cocoa jar, Swiss Miss cocoa tin, Mars, Lifesavers or Wrigleys tins, $4, $1 UP, Limit 4

      Holiday Hersheys or Reeses bags, Lindt, Ghirardelli pouches, $5, $1 UP, limit 4

      Holiday food and gift sets, $7, $1 UP Limit 4

      Premiium candy canes, Terry chocolate orange, Hersheys Reeses or pez canes, Jesus ornament, Queen Anne cherries, Cella cherries 2/$5, $1 up wyb 2 Limit 4

      Russel Stover single serve holiday candy 2/$1

      Cella’s cherries, Maxfield’s box chocolates, Bob’s Sweet Stripes, Russell Stover Bar, Brown & Haley Almond Roca, $3.99

      Page 8
      get $5 up wyb $15 of 3/m Command products, limit 2

      Page 9-10
      American Greetingscards $3 +UP wyb $15, limit 2

      Brave dvd or the amazing spiderman dvd $19.99, get $5 +UP, limit 4

      Page 11
      Restaurant GC $10 WYB $100 Limit 2

      Shopping GC $5 WYB $50 Limit 2

      Entertainment GC $3 WYB $25 Limit 2

      Dreamlights 29.99 get $3 Limit 2

      Genie Bra 19.99 get $2 Limit 2

      Mt Pillow 59.99 get $5 Limit 2

      Slushy magic, Perfect Tortilla, My little Pic Maker get $2 Limit 2

      25% off Memorex, maxell or tdk blank media, asst. headphones, earbuds, or portable speakers or tech pc supplies.

      7.99 Asst. Christmas giftware

      19.99 Asst. Appliances

      Bogo 50% off Fleece Pants, Slippers and casuals

      Page 12
      ra razors, cartridges, shave gel bogo 50% off get $3 WYB 10 L4

      RA Home Paper and foam plates, Cups, Bowls, Napkins 2/$5 get $3 WYB $7(?) L2

      ra brand jumbo pack diapers, training pants or overnights, mega pack diapers or
      overnights bogo 50% off get $5 WYB 20 L2

      Page 13
      Ziploc storage bags 2/$5, $2 UP wyb 2, L2

      Airwick scented oil refills or mini candles, Renuzit, Pearl Scents or Fresh Accents air fresheners 2/$5, $1 UP wyb 2, L2
      Q in Sunday paper

      Libman mops, brooms & cleaning accessories BOGO50% off, $5 UP wyb $15, L2

      Xtra laundry detergent or Light & Fluffy 2/$6, $2 UP wyb 2, L2

      Beneful, Friskies, Kit & Kaboodle, Purina dog and cat chow, Tidy Cat litter $5.49, $3 UP wyb 2, L2

      Airwick Ultra refills, Scented Oil refills 2-pk, or candles $4.99
      $1/2 Q in Sunday paper

      Easy Off oven cleaner, Clorox2 Stain Fighter, SpotShot, Resolve or Woolite carpet cleaner, Mop & Glo, Pledge, Lysol spray, Clorox Clean Up spray, Scrubbing Bubbles 3.99

      Scott or Cottonelle bath tissue 4 pk, Kleenex (4?)-pk (looks like 4 cubes?) $3.79

      Glad trash bags, Swiffer Sweeper refills, Lysol No-Touch dishwashing liquid dispensing kit $7.49

      Assorted Christmas pet treats, sweaters, toys and round beds BOGO

      Page 14
      ***$2 UP wyb $5 any of these items: Limit 3
      Campbells select or chunky soups, Soup at hand, Betty Crocker mashed potatoes, Heinz gravy, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, RA apple sauce, pineapple: $1.69
      Betty Crocker cookie mix, Fudge Brownie mix, frosting, cake mix; Domino sugar; Frenchs onions; Libbys canned pumpkin; Stove Top stuffing; RA aluminum foil 2/$4
      Carnation evaporated milk, Campbells soup, RA chicken or beef broth, olives, mushrooms, spices, canned fruits or vegetables, tomato sauce, white vinegar $1.00
      ***end $2 UP wyb $5 any of these items

      Lays potato chips or kettle chips 2/$6, $1 UP wyb2, L2

      Lunch Express, oep hard &soft taco dinner kit, ragu spaghetti sauce, kraft homestyle, dinty moore beef stew, ra coffee creamer, instant oatmeal 2/$5 (there are a couple more items listed here but I cant read them)

      Icy Point pink salmon, DAK imported ham, Welchs grape jelly, Smuckers jam, Nutella spread, Jif peanut butter, Spam $2.99

      Bumble Bee tuna (several), Brunswick Kippered, (Snows?) chopped clams 4/$5

      Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn, Poppycock, Crunch & Munch $2.99

      Ben & Jerrys ice cream 2/$7

      Page 15
      Gatorade 20-24oz, Sparkling Ice 17oz, Vegasfuel 16oz – 3/$3 get $1/3 UP limit 2

      Dentyne 16ct, Stride 16ct, i.D. 14ct – 2/$2 get $1/2 UP limit 4

      V8 Vegetable juice or Fusion 46oz V8 Splash 64oz, Tummy Ticklers or Belly Washers 100% Juice 6-8oz, CapriSun 10pk 6oz – 2/$5 get $1/2 UP limit 2

      Tropicana Orange Juice 59oz $3.49

      Pepsi/Pepsi Products 2L – $.99

      Altoids, Ice Breakers, Russell Stover Sugar Free Bags, Werther’s or Riesen, Toblerone, Queen Anne Cherries, Andes – 2/$3 or $1.79ea

      Hershey’s Pot of Gold – $5.99

      3 Pack gum Extra, Eclips, Orbit, Stride, Wrigley’s, Dentyne Ice, Trident White, Jolly Ranchers, LifeSavers, Skittles, Straburts, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch kids, mike&ike, hoto tamales or gimbal’s, werthers, twizzers 2/$5 or $2.99 ea

      Single Serve Candy Bars – $.77

      Russel Stover Chocolates 30oz, Whitman’s HOliday Tin 18oz, Ferroro Collection 42ct,

      Whitman’s Sampler 24oz – $14.99

      Baci Pouch 5oz, Godiva Bars 3.5oz, Lindt or Ghiradelli Candy Bars 3.7-4.4oz – 2/$5 or $2.99 ea

      Page 16
      Olay Skin Care & Bath Care; Ivory and Safeguard Body wash, hand soap or bar soap – bog50%

      Nature Made Vitamins & Supplements (excludes sleep aid) – $10 UP wyb $20 limit 2

      Always Infinity 28-36ct, Maxi Pads 36-46 Jumbo Pack, Pantiliners 162ct; Tampax Pearl Tampons 36-40ct – $7.49, $2 UP limit 2

      Halls Cough Drops 30ct (excludes Defense), Ricola Throat Drops 19-24ct, Chapstick Lip Balm – 2/$3 get $1/2 UP limit 4

      Duracell Coppertop aa/aaa 16pk, C/D 8pk, 9V 4pk or Ultra aa/aaa 12 pk, Hearing Aid Batteries 16pk – $11.97 get $2 UP limit 2

      Legg’s or Hanes pantyhose, shapers, socks, tights, t-shirts or underwear – bog50% get $5/2 UP limit 3

      Gain Dishwashing LIquid 9oz, Renuzit Adjustables, Comet Cleanser 14oz, Puffs Facial Tissues 56 ct – $.93

      Post Cereals 11-24oz – bogo

      Original Gourmet Butter Cookies 12oz – bogo

      Hershey’s, Reese’s, Mars or Nestle Fun Size or Snack Snize Candy 6pk – $.99

      Folgers Coffee classic roast, special roast or gourmet supreme 22.6-33.9oz – $7.99 get $1 UP limit 2

      Thx joejitsu/sd

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Drug Stores Rite Aid 11/11 – 11/17