Ring in the New Year with Budget101!

Stuff I’d Like to See General Ring in the New Year with Budget101!

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      beat the clock challengesWelcome to a Budget101 Beat the Clock Challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following Challenge Question BEFORE the Clock runs out!

      The Challenge Question is : At Midnight Eastern time when the Ball drops, come back to this thread and post your news years resolution, blessing, hopes for the new year etc!

      Wondering How to Play? Hit the reply button and answer the challenge question! (Seriously, that’s it)

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

      10 Random Entries between Midnight EST and 1 am EST will be eligible to win a year of Ad Free Supporting Member Service!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Good Luck!

      Winners will be announced by lunchtime tomorrow and their accounts automatically switch to Ad Free Service!


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      I would like to make a calendar for my cleaning chores. I have a very bad habit of hit and miss cleaning.

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      I’ve got so many, I’m not sure which ones to list…seriously.
      Guess I’ll try to list a few in order of importance.

      1. Tighten the budget belts-grocery (food and non food) and ALL others. There’s a few major purchases in our upcoming future…gotta figure out how to pay for them. Gaah
      2. Make more items, (foods and non foods), from scratch/home
      3. Fully utilize -everything- to waste as least as possible.
      4. Work on trying to lower utility bills…water and electricity
      5. Work on personal health. (( exercise, diet/nutrition, lower a1c+ blood sugar, lower blood pressure, etc…))weighlift  smilie
      6. GET ORGANIZED! ((Hopefully))
      7. So on and so on…and so on.

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      1. I want to get the credit cards paid.
      2. Get my sewing room cleaned out and keep it cleaned out
      3.Make more convenience foods for us.
      4. Clean some stuff out of the house
      5. Organize the rest of the stuff.

      That will do for now. Try to do too much and nothing will get done.

      Happy New Years to you and your family.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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Stuff I’d Like to See General Ring in the New Year with Budget101!