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      Here are some things I make with rice:

      I always make hamburger gravy and put it over rice.

      Fried rice is good but remember that is made with cold cooked rice. Usually best the day after you made the rice.

      Sometimes I substitute chicken broth for the water which gives the rice a nice flavor.

      Rice pudding.

      A recipe from my childhood istake day old rice and mix in canned pineapple, bananas and whipped cream. You can add coconut and mini marshmallows. This is a great dessert or can be used as a side dish for BBQ orfor Easter.

      Spanish rice

      Stuffed bell peppers

      Ham and rice casserole

      I actually use the ham and rice casserole leftovers and add hamburger and tomato soup to stuff peppers and top with cheese.

      Use with beans to make burritos.

      Chicken and rice casserole

      Some of these do double duty. If I can’t find a ham on saleI will use a ham steak. Here is an example of what I do with a ham. (Alway buy the butt not the shank as it has more flavor.) First meal I will just serve baked ham. Then I will use some of it for ham and cheese omelets. Some of the ham will go to ham and rice casserole with the leftover used forstuffed bell peppers. Scalloped potatoes with ham. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and with the bone and rest of the scraps I make split pea soup or bean soup.

      Leftover are always good for lunch, providing no one minds leftovers.

      Let me know if you want any of the recipes and I will post.


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