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      You can buy the regular yeast. It will work just as well. I got a couple of 1 (or 2.5 lb) lb bags (yep! they are big!) from Sam’s a couple of years ago. I am still working my way through the 1st bag (and yes- it is still good – I store it in my fridge). The other is in my deep freeze.

      You can also use reg (all-purpose) flour. Add a bit of vital wheat gluten (you can buy a box of it at a health food store) to increase the gluten in the bread mix – like the commercial does. To get your costs down further.

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      I am getting my bread machines down and dusting them off today and plan on starting 2 loaves of bread. For now, I bought the bread machine yeast in the jar from the store, but as I start to bake regularly, I will be looking for a cheaper way of purchasing it, hopefully I will find a good place to buy the yeast in bulk.

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