Ribbon Candy Ornaments

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      17 inches of 1 1/2-inch-wide wire ribbon (striped or solid colors work well)
      16 inches of clear fishing line or decorative thread

      Time needed: Under 1 Hour

      1. For each ornament, fold down 1/4 inch at each end of the ribbon, then accordion-fold the ribbon in 1 3/4-inch sections.
      2. Knot one end of the fishing line and thread the other through the needle. Push the needle up through the bottom of the folded ribbon pile and return the needle 1/4 inch away from the original hole as shown. Knot the line at the bottom
      2. Pull the line from the top until the ribbon sandwich is about 1 1/2 inch thick and the two bottom knots are taut. Knot the line on top as shown, so that a loop is left for hanging. Now use a pencil or your finger to round out the side folds

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      That sounds like a great activity for our youth group at church!!


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