REVIEW: Food Dehydrators

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      Hi, all,

      Just wanted to pass along my experience with food
      dehydrators this weekend in case there is anyone out there on the verge of
      buying one.

      I’ve had my American Harvest Snackmaster Elite for
      several years now and it’s been the only one I’ve ever used up
      until this weekend. I purchased a Ronco dehydrator at a yard sale recently and
      used both dehydrators to dry a bushel of tomatoes. The Ronco doesn’t
      hold a candle to the American Harvest. The AH has a fan that circulates
      the warm air up through the middle and around the edges which makes it a much
      more even distribution of air so the ones on the bottom aren’t more dry
      than the ones on top. The Ronco doesn’t have a fan, just a heating coil.
      I had to reverse the order of the trays frequently and, after almost 48 hours
      of drying, I moved the remaining pieces over to the Snackmaster (which had
      completed its job the day before). The Ronco is simply just not as efficient.

      That’s just been my experience with these two
      dehydrators. I would definitely choose the American Harvest again!


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