REVIEW: Food Dehydrators

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      My Mom passed away several years ago, — how I still miss her!!!

      She’s the one who told me about freezing grapes! She loved them and

      said they were like little popsicles to her. They really are a GREAT-

      tasting snack, and healthy too! Grapes here in northeast Ohio are

      running about $1.59 a pound – so you did get a TERRIFIC buy!

      — In, ro so wrote:


      > I have no idea. I got the idea off of another group I was on so my

      husband thought we would try it. He says they taste like a piece of

      grape jolly rancher.


      > Becky


      > Jill Coughlin wrote:

      > I never knew you could freeze grapes… How do they

      taste afterwards?


      > At 06:54 PM 8/20/2007, you wrote:



      > I had the best luck yesterday. I had to go to Walmart to pick up

      some baby wipes and right when you walk into the store they had all

      the grapes for .50 a pound.

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