REVIEW: Food Dehydrators

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      I have no idea. I got the idea off of another group I was on so my husband thought we would try it. He says they taste like a piece of grape jolly rancher. Becky

      Jill Coughlin wrote: I never knew you could freeze grapes… How do they taste afterwards?

      At 06:54 PM 8/20/2007, you wrote:

      I had the best luck yesterday. I had to go to Walmart to pick up some baby wipes and right when you walk into the store they had
      all the grapes for .50 a pound. Around here that is a bargain so I bought about 10 pounds. When I got home my husband told me I should have bought more so since he had to go out and buy a windshield wiper for my Mom’s car, he also came home with another couple bags. I froze almost all of them so that we could use them this winter and my husband took some to work. The rest we plan on using for after school snacks.


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